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Fleet Energy Managers brings 35 years of experience in fuel procurement, supply management and quality fuel site installation

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Fuel Supply Management

Fleet management is no easy task. Keeping your fleet fueled efficiently and cost effectively can be complicated. Relying on the lowest rack price presents a huge risk to your supply chain and fuel cost. Political unrest, natural disasters, refinery outages and volatile markets affects supply and the price you pay for fuel.


With over 35 years of experience in fuel procurement, supply price management and fuel site installations, Fleet Energy Managers understands how volatile fuel markets and inefficient delivery systems impact your business and the pressure it puts on margins and your budgeting process. 


Whether your goal is to protect profit margins, secure budgets or minimize volatility, Fleet Energy Managers provides an integrated platform of managed petroleum supply, fuel management systems and fuel system installations for fleets and end users of all sizes. Our petroleum expertise can help secure your supply, control your fuel costs and manage your fuel consumption more efficiently.


Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Fleet Energy Managers specializes in fuel procurement, supply and fuel management systems to a broad range of customers including municipal, commercial and marine fleets.

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